What bends the odds in favor of Pahalgam is its seemingly untouched, almost virginal, beauty. In winters, the bountiful snow that falls, lies as if cascading ripples of white foam frozen in motion, the lush green foliage and tree tops are full of never-seen-before-never-heard-before birds; the sun shyly looks out of the mountains, and the resort stands right behind you, as if growing out of the dazzling whiteness.


    Perched alongside the cascading River Lidder, Hotel Heevan is an ideal destination to relax and rejuvenate with friends, family or solo. The lush greenery along the river banks, the musical LILT of the river, the far-off mountains standing as sentinels over the whole setup; all of these unite to bring a sense of calmness to all nerves. The rooms are well planned to let in plenty of fresh air and sunlight, and is full of all modern amenities that a guest might require. The food served at the restaurants is authentic Kashmiri as well as continental fare.