Cafe Chinar

Relish the exquisite tastes of the delicacies served at Cafe Chinar, our cozy in-house restaurant. Serving a variety of delectable preparations from the rich flavors of authentic Kashmiri cuisine to the lightness that comes with Chinese dishes, Cafe Chinar is ideal for giving your taste buds an awesome culinary experience that they will never forget. Also enjoy a multitude of other cuisines here.


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Fortune Deli

Every traveler needs a warm cup of coffee or tea for a refreshing start in the morning. Begin your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee at Fortune Deli, our coffee lounge in the lobby and stay rejuvenated throughout the day. Select from a variety of hot and energizing beverages from our menu and feel the freshness gushing in your veins! Spend some luxury and quality time with your loved ones and create priceless memories while savouring some exotic Kashmiri snacks along with the legendary Kahwa, flavored with almonds, saffron, cardamoms and cinnamon.


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