A gilded version of a mountainside Manor, Pine n Peak is the only luxury resort in Pahalgam. Perched atop the Rajwas Plateau, its pristine beauty remains untouched by the chaos of the market, snuggled in the layers of untouched snow and fir laden paths. The elevation of the plateau ensures that the best views are accorded to Pine n Peak, including the shimmering Lidder River and snow topped mountains playing with the sunrays, bathing the valley in different hues throughout the day. As you can imagine, every season brings with itself something new to the valley. It seems as if it changes colors as winters fade into spring and summers blend with autumn.


    Since Pahalgam is nearly 90 kilometers away from the flurry of activity that defines Srinagar, it is the ideal destination to put your feet up, snuggle into a comfy couch, and sip cup after cup of Kehwa. While you are at it, watch the snow sketch a pattern on your window. Pahalgam is also a trekker’s delight, serving as a base for several treks that cut through the mountains and scamper alongside the river. For adrenaline junkies, river rafting is a viable option. For those looking to relax, golf at the Pahalgam Golf Course and fishing at the river will clinch the deal. Whatever your reason for visiting Pahalgam is, a stay at Pine n Peak will make sure you take back home memories to last a lifetime.