Our properties are charmingly framed by lush forests, nature parks, quaint hamlets, and the natural landscape of the Himalayas – ideal for languid explorations of all kinds. There are also no limits to your sporting activities: swing on one of our mountain bikes or tee off at an high altitude golf course nearby – the itineraries could be endless

We are surrounded by an incredible variety of colourful flowers, meadows, shrubs and trees for enjoyable stays in the middle of beautiful nature in summer.
The same landscape is equally ideal to partake in the snowy delights of winter.

While many use the cold and snow as an excuse to sequester themselves indoors, the more adventurous folks know that there’s no better time to head outdoors. Whether you’re a hardcore adrenalin junkie, an adventurous soul looking to explore unknown horizons, an eager beaver, or just someone who likes the outdoors; the winter brings with it a realm of exciting possibilities to entice the travel bug in you.

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